A Silverlight Games Star Field

Here is a really nice large star field in Silverlight if you are creating a space based game, or even if you are not it is still pretty cool. :)


Silverlight and Multi-Player Games

I have been working on a multi-player library for Silverlight games over the past few months, well, off and on working on it while continuing Perenthia development.

I hope to be able to get the code on CodePlex before too much longer along with a tutorial on how to use it and a demo game.

The library will start with Duplex services but I do have plans to implement sockets in the future. Silverlight’s duplex and socket support is sufficient for RPGs and RTS or really any kind of turn based game but until Silverlight can support UDP sockets it is probably not suited to real time action games.

The goal is that the library can be used with any game engine such as SilverSprite or PlayBits and that it will provide easy to setup and use networking capabilities for your game.

The library is coming along well and I am building a demo game to help with implementation and testing that I hope to have finished in the next week or so.